Chimney sizing | Calculation of chimney diameter

In order to calculate the diameter of an exhaust system, different information is required. Whether considering a stainless-steel chimney, a brick chimney or a ceramic chimney, a cross-sectional calculation is essential for both new and relining projects.

In principle, the chimney sweep can also make this calculation. For this, however, he needs the most exact system parameters, such as exhaust gas data of the fireplace, height of the chimney system, but also the design of the flue pipe connector. Many suppliers of fireplaces or exhaust systems offer this service for free. First and foremost, the functioning of the exhaust system is checked by means of the chimney calculation. In the case of non-compliant standards, the calculation is considered negative. For systems in negative pressure mode, the functioning is basically calculated only by the own natural draft. The temperature conditions play and an important part on the results.

If these are not met according to the specifications, condensation will occur in the system. This "moisture penetration" can cause considerable damage to the building, the heating system and in addition also the chimney system.

The most important part, however, is the smooth and safe removal of flue gases. If this is not guaranteed there is a high risk to the body and life.

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