Exhaust gas temperature

The exhaust gas temperature is the temperature of the hot combustion gases. The temperature depends on the fuel as well as the type of combustion and the heat generator. In order to achieve maximum energy utilization, the exhaust gas temperature should be as low as possible (depending on the design).

When selecting a suitable exhaust system, in addition to the type of fireplace and the fuel used, the expected exhaust gas temperature must be taken into account.

In order to prevent accumulation of soot in the exhaust system, especially in single wall and older masonry chimneys, it should be ensured that the exhaust gas temperature (at the chimney top) is not below 60 ° C. Hence the risk of condensation of the moisture contained in the exhaust gas is minimized.

During acceptance of the fireplace, the chimney sweep checks whether the exhaust system used is suitable for the temperatures arising in the exhaust gas.

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