Weather collar | Rain collar | Storm collar

A storm collar is a protective element for the chimney or the flue pipe.
The storm collar, also called rain collar, is primarily used to prevent rainwater from entering the roof duct or the shaft and to prevent the formation of water spots. At the same time, necessary rear ventilation is guaranteed. The storm collar can also be used as a screen in the area of ​​a wall or ceiling duct.

The component can be brought over the exhaust pipe through the open side. The pre-assembled band clamp fittings are tightened until the desired inclination is reached.

When buying a weather collar, please note the diameter!

Usually only the inner diameter of the exhaust system is specified, which also describes the maximum possible outer dimension. For double wall exhaust systems, it may be necessary to take into account the thickness of the insulation. Upon request, storm collars can be manufactured with a wide variety of outside diameters.

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